First of all, I want to share my gratitude with you for reading and share this space where I show my experiences. These experiences are the result of all the activities and explorations that I have during my life so far. That experiences now result in a set of services that can contribute to you and for your business!

I born in the Azores islands, Portugal. Currently, I work as a researcher and consultant on the topic of Electrical and Computers Engineering. However, in the last years, most properly since 2010 I started a personal work, focused on the development and discovery of myself. That work allowed me to create much more in my own life as well as professionally.

Hence, to increase my contribution to this fantastic and beautiful planet, I chosen to offer a set of services.

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Topics of Work


Since 2012, I work as a researcher at UNINOVA. The focus of my work is the development of intelligent solutions, based on Information and Communication Technologies and Computer Science, to be deployed in factories, and implement the nowadays called Industry 4.0.


More recently, to give the companies the tools and solutions capable of to increase their possibilities, I work as a consultant. The target of this work is to guide the companies during the implementation and adoption of the new emergent technologies.


During the last years, I had a pleasure to share my knowledge, in the development of new intelligent manufacturing solutions, giving lecturers offered by the Faculty of Sciences and Technology, Nova University of Lisbon.

Personal Development

The tools and techniques that I daily use to create my personal and professional life, allow me to create new realities and possibilities that all the people should be able to access. Hence, it is possible to attend workshops and classes where these tools and techniques are shared.

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